5 Ways To Live A Mindful Life

5 Ways To Live A Mindful Life

Though tricky to define, mindfulness is simply the art of being completely present in each and everything you do, without letting your mind wander and not letting even a single moment pass by in a blur. You could find people preaching about mindfulness their whole lives, but to practise what you preach is another topic altogether. It comes when you are not obsessing over the past, and don’t live in the fear of the future, because that is when you can do complete justice to the present. Read on for a couple of easy pointers to help you get there.



The first step to help you get rid of all anxieties and stress is to clear your mind of all thoughts and meditate. Give it a while and stop agonising about all the other chores and items on your to-do list. Sit back and concentrate on nothing but the rhythm of your breathing; if you can achieve mindfulness while meditating, it will accordingly become a lot more easier to inculcate mindfulness in other aspects of life as well.



How often do you find yourselves doing things just to curb the fear of missing out? Well, just because the whole world about Game Of Thrones, you convince yourself that you sit through the endless gore and violence as well. Instead, why not just live for yourself and do things that actually make you happy? Take charge of all your decisions, rather than following the herd. Look out for what is the best for you, and be a 100% present in whatever you choose to do.



We often find ourselves finishing off the entire plate of food before us, without even tasting or enjoying it, likely because of the gripping TV show playing alongside. The habit of chewing too fast also causes acid reflux, bloating and other digestive issues. All of this can be avoided simply by chewing slowly, being totally aware of the flavours and thoroughly enjoying every single bite you take. It can also address the problem of obesity that has gripped our generation as by eating slowly, you tend to consume lesser food.



Everything in life is exactly as good or bad, as you think it to be. Those pesky household chores can actually be a lot less annoying if you stop thinking of them as a hindrance that keeps you from going back to that exciting movie. For instance, the next time you are washing dishes, instead of cursing the huge stack of dirty dishes, why not put your favourite playlist on alongside and take pride in the end result of having your dishes all new and sparkly?



More often than not, you probably find yourself in front of the cash counter with a shopping cart loaded with things you don’t really needed, which you then proceed to brush off as an ‘impulse buy’. But when you truly practise mindfulness in all activities during the day and stop to closely question the choices you make, you’ll find yourself cutting out on the clutter of materialism.

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