Going back to our roots!

Going back to our roots!

Going back to our roots with organic cotton clothing

In earlier days most of the people in India were mostly wearing clothing made out of cotton material only. Clothing made out of cotton was so prevalent in those days in fact it was also handwoven on a loom. During the industrial revolution period, The East India Company mainly traded in cotton, and from there exploitation of trade began. Many skilled workers, weavers, and spinners faced slavery and were forced to work under British Empire rule. However, the spinning wheel movement started by MK Gandhi brought back our homespun cloth by shunning away from the British textile import.

While many people still prefer synthetic and polyester-made clothes due to westernization effects; wearing cotton clothes is still not widely accepted. As countries are becoming more globalized and the evolution of the fashion industry is happening, several international brands are slowly penetrating into our Indian markets. In order to reverse this trend, our homegrown Indian brands are promoting the wearability of sustainable and organic clothing.

Organic clothing brands are increasing in large numbers but very few are authentically certified. The credibility of the product comes with a proper certification such as GOTS (The Global Organic Textile Standard) and in this circular business model, only some brands are able to keep their identity intact. Satva India, a well-known athleisure brand is truly empowering its customers by maintaining the quality of the products while using the right resources and materials for its clothes.

Our traditional roots lie in wearing garments that are sensitive to your skin, having less impact on the environment, and of course, lasting longer due to their authenticity. The only way we can go back to our traditional handmade clothing is to support these sustainable brands and simply switch to wearing organic cotton clothing. Wearing organic cotton clothes is beneficial in many ways as it has better air permeability, has a softer and breathable fabric, and is light and comfortable. What better than the Summer season to adopt organic cotton clothing in our lives!

- Eshita Dayani