Joy of missing out! #JOMO

Joy of missing out! #JOMO

They say we are all in the same boat! United by the same fight against the virus.

Some waking up daily to serve the sufferers, some standing in that scorching heat trying to ensure people follow the right protocols, some struggling with earning their daily penny to fill their tummy, some trying to keep it sane whilst learning new things, some lost in anticipation and some sitting in their comfy pajama’s trying to juggle home & office.

Amidst all this the pandemic has taught us to live with bare minimums. It has made us all creative to upcycle, recycle and consciously navigate towards a more sustainable lifestyle. A lifestyle in which comfort supersedes appearance, being mindful about less wastage & more about economizing. Maybe running through your entire day, cooking, cleaning, taking on business meetings, exercising, gardening, all in that favorite yoga pants was something you never imagined doing.

This rush of emotions to want more, the greed of materialism, the social pressure of how one looks, competitiveness etc. drove people to always live in the fear of missing out but the pandemic has been a jolting answer to this.

At a time when you have to justify why stepping out is necessary, your home has now become a multifaceted space, it’s your dine-in, workout, entertainment zone, self-development centre, work-space, school, etc., hence on a personal front how do you juggle between creating these experiences for yourself, stems from your mental state, from how you eat clean and wear soft & breathable clothing, to create an elevated & positive vibe for self & family.

So, whilst we are on this journey, to find our safe & happy port, remember the joy is in MISSING OUT.

- Written By: Cherisma Lahori