Misconceptions about Sustainable Fashion

Misconceptions about Sustainable Fashion

It is time people realise that buying clothes that are sustainable is good for the environment and themselves in the long run. Brands are growing these days with the amplification of the trendy product design and wide product distribution. With the growing awareness with newsletters, social media, blogs and other such fashion forums, this industry is at its peak.

Today people are still buying clothes from big brands due to the demand of fast fashion. It is time to make people realise that buying clothes which are sustainable is good for the environment and for the people in the long run.

Sustainable fashion is the terminology that is often tossed around but it is also misunderstood.

Mentioned below are a few pointers that will help you understand why adopting sustainable clothing is the need of the hour and what the real meaning of sustainable fashion is:

  1. Its high maintenance

Since we are buying a piece of garment because it is well crafted and of high quality immediately the thought arises that it will require high maintenance. Since it is handpicked by us over other garments naturally we will keep it more carefully because of its delicate hand-woven yarn, dyeing with customised cut, style etc. Eventually it will outlive any other normal picked garment which may get spoilt after a few washes.

  1. It is not stylish:

The other myth is that it is not stylish to wear sustainable clothes anymore. Since we use them for a long time and maintain them for long periods they outgrow fashion. But that’s not true. One can always team it with latest accessories and can always look fresh and fashionable.


  1. It’s expensive: While one of the biggest challenges is that sustainable garments are expensive, they outlive many other garments and hence prove their worth. It is feasible that though these garments are expensive they are expensive for their special weaves, dyes cuts and styles and definitely worth their while.


  1. It’s rustic:

This is another myth that fabrics like Khadi and muslins are coarse and rustic looking. On the contrary in today’s time very fine Khadi and muslin is used which complements today’s styles and tastes.


  1. They are hard to find: This is another myth that sustainable brands are few and it is a task to find these brands. On the contrary many designers and labels are coming up with such sustainable garments and they are easily available and accessible. Many such garments can be got from local manufacturers too who make good quality sustainable garments.


  1. Made only for the Hippies:

This is the common concept that people have towards garments that are made of sustainable fabrics. But that’s not true. It is not made for the hippies. Ordinary people these days have adopted khadi fabric in various forms and have also made it their lifestyle. Being judgemental about people adopting this lifestyle is an incorrect approach.


All in all, sustainable fashion can be trendy and stylish, easy to access, comfortable to wear and has a lasting durability.