What to keep in mind when shopping for Yoga Clothes

What to keep in mind when shopping for Yoga Clothes

Passed down the centuries, yoga claims a crucial position in India’s cultural heritage, moving beyond the confines of a traditional fitness regimen to herald in a corresponding spiritual change of mind. Whether you are a yoga expert or a complete beginner to this discipline, the one thing that everyone can agree on is that the dexterity involved in traditional yoga poses means that you can’t pass off your usual workout clothes as yoga gear. The intricate poses involved in this exercise form warrants corresponding changes in your usual workout gear for better support during the stretches—improper construction and inflexible fabrics aren’t of much help when you’re trying to master a new asana. The next time you are shopping for yoga clothes, here are the criteria to keep in mind:



The flexibility of the fabric needs to gain top priority in your shopping choices for your yoga wardrobe. Unsightly rims and frayed seams are of little consolation when you’re trying to nail a complicated position. The organic fabrics used in Satva’s organic yoga clothes serve as highly utilitarian activewear that stretch and move with you.



The silhouette is key to nailing a versatile yoga wardrobe. Whether you’re thinking crop tops or leggings, test the fit to ensure that it hugs the body without restricting ease of movement. Satva’s designs occupy the conjunction of fashion and functionality to offer everyday basics that make you look good, and feel better.



Allow nifty layering to help you take your workout wardrobe from the yoga mat to the street style scene. Give the conventional hoodies a modern update with Satva’s palette of statement colours, ranging from indigo to pristine white. Throw on over your sports bra or crop top, and you’re ready to take on the day.


Regardless to say, when you look good is when you feel good about yourself. Nada Yoga BraThe intensity of the exercise form doesn’t mean that you can’t have some fun while you’re at it. From the crossback straps of the Nanda bra top to the mesh inserts of the Prema Highwaisted leggings, Satva’s spring/summer ‘19 collection helps you find your own comfort zone by striking an easy compromise between style and performance.


If you’re looking for trans-seasonal additions to your yoga wardrobe, look beyond the cyclical rotation of trends and pay close attention to the fabrics involved. Satva’s creations are constructed out of environmentally and socially conscious organic cotton to ensure optimal comfort for the wearer.